Why We Had to Wait So Long to Find Out If Glenn...

Why We Had to Wait So Long to Find Out If Glenn Survived? Here is the reason!


In case you spent the last few weeks feeling “uncertain” about Glenn’s fate on The Walking Dead, then great!

“When individuals leave the walls, they do not have cell phones,” Gimple said. “They aren’t rocking 80’s beepers. You don’t understand what occurs. Don’t have any notion. When they leave that might function as the most recent time you ever see them, and I believe it was important to do a story this season about doubt and the audience would share that doubt the characters had like in episode five. Maggie did not know what occurred to Glenn, and I wanted the audience to be just where she was, to feel the exact same way.”

While Gimple did not address the other emotions we felt during the past few weeks of almost completely Glenn-free episodes, like anger, annoyance, depression, and restiveness, we imagine desiring us to feel the same way Maggie does makes some semblance of awareness. Or it might make sense, if Maggie had also seen the gut-eating scene which was deliberately framed to look deadly but vaguely survivable.

Could those “things” involve Glenn perishing for real in a blaze of walker goo-covered glory in an attempt to save the rest of his family and friends? Likely not, but we’d be shocked if everyone makes it from the midseason finale alive next week.