Wiki Loves Earth contest won by Pakistani photographer

Wiki Loves Earth contest won by Pakistani photographer


Pakistani photographer Zaeem Siddiq is the first position holder in the global Wiki loves EARTH picture competition because of his picture of the picturesque Shangrila Lake in Gilgit Baltistan.

Wiki Loves Earth is a photograph competition of natural monuments, where shielded places are pictured by participants and upload their photos to the Wikimedia Commons on-line platform.

Over 108,000 pictures from the 8,900 participants related to different countries submitted during the competition.

Zaeem’s winning photograph was one of 259 nominations from 26 countries submitted to the 9-individual international organising team after selection by the national juries of participating states.

The 2nd prize was won by Jorge Nelson Alves for his photo of the Laurisilva (Laurel Forest) in Portugal’s island of Madeira, while third place was taken by a photograph of the Alpine ibex in Nationalpark Hohe Tauern in Austria.