Wilmer Valderrama: My girl is really sleepy

Wilmer Valderrama: My girl is really sleepy


It is no secret that Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato give us important #relationshipgoals, but his latest Instagram selfie (featuring a sleeping Demi cuddled up next to him) is we really feel our hearts melting down.

Demi, who recently released a brand new record and an empowering group of body-positive naked photos, is working hard and Wilmer gets all the boyfriend awards for his encouraging message in the caption:

“It has to be EXHAUSTING to be that #Assured.. This lil angel created an inspirational & emotional journey.. Afterward she sprinkled bad ass dust onto it!

However there was likewise a turn! Demi? #Payback hahaha.” Could he be referring to Demi’s very similar selfie from eight months past?