Wooaahhh Zayn Malik Laughs At Meme Of Gigi Hadid Playing With His...

Wooaahhh Zayn Malik Laughs At Meme Of Gigi Hadid Playing With His D*ck


Whoa! An extremely sexual meme was just shared by Zayn Malik about his girlfriend Gigi Hadid that makes fun of her ‘playing together with his d*ck.’ Yikes! We wonder how Gigi feels about this. See it for yourself, right here!

Zayn Malik, 23, is definitely feeling on April 14! We ca’t envision Gigi would have been a huge fan of it! Check it out, here. Uncomfortable! Zayn was having some fun on Twitter on April 14 when he shared a meme that someone else had Tweeted that said “imagine who reaches play a gif of Gigi pointing and smiling at her face along with d* ck. Ew!

Not only was the meme retweeted by Zayn, but he also added two laughing-till-you-cry emojis and also a tongue-sticking-out emoji.

Come on, bro! Zayn undoubtedly thought this meme was amusing, but we’re’t so convinced Gigi would concur. Nonetheless, it seems like Zayn might merely be actually sex-positive. He also responded to a tweet in which a lover said “@zaynmalik I am so thankful for your own parents not wearing a condom, to which he responded “Me too babe, me too ”.

just before he shared the Gigi meme We’re not overly keen on thinking about our parents having sex, but then I suppose talking about sex together with his girlfriend would’t be strange to him either if he’s trendy with it.