WORLD NEWS! Trump-Clinton showdown breaks TV record

WORLD NEWS! Trump-Clinton showdown breaks TV record


The presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was viewed by 84 million individuals breaking a previous record set 36 years past.

Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan’s argument in 1980 drew 80.6 million viewers.

The seeing figures only count those who watched the debate on the 13 US TV channels that carried it live, meaning the accurate figure may be much higher.

Millions are also thought to have watched world-wide at parties or in bars and through online live streams.

The data provider Nielsen said that viewers remained tuned through the 98-minute debate.

Mr Trump told supporters on Tuesday that he knew the debate would have “among the largest audiences in the history of tv” but he “took a deep breath” and “faked I was talking to my family”.

You can find two more presidential debates to come between the nominees – on 9 October and 19 October – before the election on 8 November.

On 9 October, Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump will have competition for the focus of the US; NFL teams the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers will be playing at exactly the same time as the second argument.