WORLDWIDE LEAKED: Priyanka Chopra’s sizzling intimate scene with Jake McLaughlin from Quantico...

WORLDWIDE LEAKED: Priyanka Chopra’s sizzling intimate scene with Jake McLaughlin from Quantico – watch video!


Priyanka Chopra‘s Hollywood move Quantico is in its second season and like the previous one, has her doing some furious stunts. Our reviewer Sreeju Sudhakaran points out, “Though the show looks to repeat the same format of the last season by jumping timelines, connecting past with the present, the first episode of the second season is far less cluttered compared to the last season. Moreover, it did not feel like some teen show, as the training portions of last season’s Quantico portions felt like.”

But he had a few whines. Sreeju writes, “For those who want something different from the show this season, the repetitive format used may disappoint you. Considering that the CIA also has the same training regime like FBI, we wonder whether Alex Parrish will go through another training regime in the third season and then for which group –  I bet, The Presidential protection group.”

Certainly, Sreeju was expecting something more in relation to the usual which isn’t a crime at all, we’re confident. But apart from the rest of the training stuff that PC’s character experiences, there is also Jake which has been the favourite in the last season and this passionate romantic tension between her. Such is its pull an intimate scene between the two from the show has been leaked which has both of them getting into some hot love.

The video has Ryan and Alex get physical making the event actually steamy. You understand how net works. Such scenes get leaked far more than anything else. But then they’re representatives first and lovers afterwards. So when phone rings are ’sed by Alex, the love making to attend to it is paused by her and Miranda’s voice is heard from the other side. Alex asks Ryan to quit so that they can eat but Ryan needs to work up an appetite. Ahem…ahem!

Priyanka will look hotter in the upcoming episodes and seemed super hot. You can assess the pictures above. The actress seems like she is having a really intense dialogue with her co star in the show and then strips together with her in the show. Yes, these are stills from the coming episodes. Looks like where you have to strip they’re going through one of those security checks. If you examine the last image, it justifies our prediction since there are two guys who’ve striped to their briefs and are simply standing there with hands behind their back.