The worst free agent signings in NFL history

The worst free agent signings in NFL history


Washington has earned one mark of distinction in its last period; it is that the team is widely acknowledged as having made the worst free agent signings in NFL history through the 15 seasons of the largely forgettable football.

It is expected that NFL free agency will open on Tuesday at 4 p.m., at that time Washington will have plenty of cash to work with and no needs to fill on a team won in the past two seasons seven games only.

Washington succession plan is far from clear; it is shopping for a guard as well. The team might be ready to move on from Chris Chester, 32, and his $4.8 million salary cap hit next season. Long would benefit from
working alongside a veteran right tackle, if envisioned as Chester’s replacement.

Houston’s Derek Newton, who had been in the team’s sights, is re-signed with the Texans. There are many linemen who could have helped Washington at right tackle are now off. There is also a pair who played under Washington’s new offensive line coaching Dallas, Bill Callahan: Doug Free, who is his backup Jermey Parnell and re-signed with the Cowboys.

We will wait for Tuesday to know more about the impact of Washington’s new personnel czar. We will get answers on many questions like Will Washington stay within its budget? Will its front office stick to the shopping list when the market opens at 4 p.m.? Will it not let emotions and the impulse to try to buy a Super Bowl victory each March rule the day?