WORTH READING! What does Kangana Ranaut have to say about REPLACING Deepika...

WORTH READING! What does Kangana Ranaut have to say about REPLACING Deepika Padukone as a brand ambassador?


Kangana Ranaut’s distressed equation with Deepika Padukone is famous to all. It is like the second you talk about DP, Kangana must lose her cool and we’ve seen that in most of her interviews that are previous. But this time around she played with a fairly clever card by making her statement on Deepika seem really less contentious.

Yes! We’re speaking to Ms Ranaut replacing DP as the newest ambassador of a clothes brand. Kangana made a decision to make sure it stays composed by saying, “Every brand goes via a revamp every now and then dependant on the demand.

So this time around the notion is being while also being quite powerful, fairly. Someone replaces someone every time around.”This just shows how Kangana is making the replacement sound like it is no huge deal as she considers the newest idea of going powerful and quite jointly compliments her the greatest. While DP had said, ” I ‘ve way too much happening within my entire life so what people say, what individuals do, what people believe is actually immaterial.”

Subsequently she sends never ending cunning texts to invite me for celebrations and her trials and makes these calls that are distressed to paint a parallel reality? Well, she looks instead invested in the unrelated items.”However, with Kangana’s this less contentious comment coming in this time around, what can you believe?

Are things eventually easing out between Deepika and her?