Woves!! Kendall Jenner ‘Bolted’ From Harry Styles Steamy Romance To Avoid Being...

Woves!! Kendall Jenner ‘Bolted’ From Harry Styles Steamy Romance To Avoid Being ‘Burned’


Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner looked like they were on their approach to becoming Hollywood’s ‘it’ couple for 2016. 20, poor Kendall Jenner! Looks as if her on-again, off-again boyfriend Harry Styles, 21, was not prepared to be in a totally “committed relationship”, which describes why the hot couple’s love affair fizzled out so fast after their second time around reports.

We believed it was a match made in paradise, until we quit seeing vocalist and the model hanging out. What occurred? “Kendall wanted more than Harry could give. It’s basically what happened the first time around. She got her hopes up and when she discovered that there wasn’t going to be a really committed relationship, she bolted,”

Like Kendall does, he does not need an ultra serious relationship. Funny thing is the fact that he actually does enjoy her but he could not guarantee what she needed.

At least Harry was trustworthy and place his cards on the table.” C’mon Harry do you think that will get someone?

Perhaps this explains why he does not have time to be in relationship that is serious?! His One Direction bandmates are not unhappy for his exciting new on camera attempts. “You’d think there would be some envy there, but all the men are actually happy for Harry,” a sours tells. That is what I call good buddies!

  • Vee Felix

    Give it a rest. They were never an item, this non-story is getting tiring. Please come up with something new as a matter of fact leave Harry alone