WOW! 5 quotes from Shah Rukh Khan’s speech at a graduation ceremony...

WOW! 5 quotes from Shah Rukh Khan’s speech at a graduation ceremony that should be your life mantras!


Shah Rukh has always been a wizard with words. He has the ability to leave you spellbound with his motivational speeches. He did it again at an event at Dhiru Bhai Ambani School. At the graduation ceremony for the school’s 2016 batch Shah Rukh was invited as the chief guest. The 50 year old actor gave a remarkable speech soaked in humour, inspiration and some life lessons one should never forget.

The central theme of his speech was “Be yourself”. He said, “Feeling free.. the freedom to be yourself. To listen to your inner voice and never let anyone tell you who you are and who you ought to be. These are the only years in life in which you will be allowed to make regret free mistakes and as you do so, you will chance upon your dreams.”

The actor even tweeted about his speech on June 1. “This is from the heart,” he wrote.

Shah Rukh’s daughter Suhana belongs to the prestigious school. The actor, in his speech, thanked Neeta Ambani for taking such good care of the children.

His speech was full of quotable words. The words spoke volume of his wisdom and humility. He stood there at the dais not just as an actor or an idol, but as a person who has struggled in his life and is out there to share his story.
Here are the few quotes from his unforgettable speech-

#Sometimes in order to move forward you might need to move a few steps back

#Be diligent. Be thorough. Think of every job you do as your first one so you have to get it right or you won’t be able to impress everyone. At the same time do it as your last job, as if you will never get a chance to do it again ever.

# When you need a friend. When the world doesn’t seem to understand you, your creativity…whatever that may be- your creativity will be the only thing that will keep you satisfied.

#Without a sense of humour the world will always be a dull and greely place. No darkness or despair should ever be beyond a good and hearty laugh.

#Learn to laugh at yourselves at every chance you get. If you can manage not to take yourself too seriously, no matter how big of a shot you become or how lowly, useless, trivial you feel- you will instantly disarm life’s power to beat you down.