WOW! BAJIRAO MASTANI Deepika Padukone talks about her chemistry with Ranbir Kapoor...

WOW! BAJIRAO MASTANI Deepika Padukone talks about her chemistry with Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh!


Bajirao Mastani is running to packed theaters. The movie has gained the hearts of men and women as well as the groups are growing with every passing day. Several takers are being found by Sanjay Bhansali’s lead pair’s extreme fire on screen. Can we settle the argument and choose the Deepika-Ranveer jodi trumps Deepika-Ranbir? Not quick…

Only two weeks before Deepika’s and Ranveer Bajirao Mastani, it was about their simple chemistry in Tamasha and Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor and during the promotions of the movie. The jodi that given Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani seemed great together.

Both are not same

I keep saying that as performers it is possible to just be of the same quality as your picture. I’ll say it YJHD was quite not the same as Ram Leela, Tamasha is quite distinct from Bajirao Mastani.

She adds, “I ‘m happy that now folks can talk about my chemistry using a Ranbir and a Ranveer. The truth is, my chemistry was mentioned by folks in Piku with Irrfan. After I viewed the movie and even Shoojit noted on our chemistry, I was shocked! I find that astounding! Naturally one should not make a Piku 2 of doing it unless it lends itself to it for the heck. Chemistry is that which you give of yourself. I am going to say I’m selecting Irrfan since my choices on my favourite pair is me and Ranbir or Ranveer and me to stop this issue.

I believe I ‘ve the most effective chemistry with Irrfan Khan! Piku was such a unique picture as well as a picture I’m so proud of.”


Deepika Ranbir would be the greatest jodi

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone is a jodi created in paradise. Even though they simply stand collectively on or off display, they look amazing together. Their last movie might not have been a box office success, but their onscreen chemistry in the movie was their performances wonderful as well as indisputable. Naturally, while playing the part of Bajirao Ranveer Singh has improved immensely as an artiste, but I’ll still favor the Ranbir Deepika pair as it is the crowd’s first pick. Deepika is definitely the queen of the carton and she’s going to be for another five years. A sin is being committed by anyone not matching Deepika with Ranbir in a movie.

In case you go by Friday sets, you’re as bad or as good as your last picture as well as the Ranbir Deepika pair hasn’t tasted success. Ranveer Deepika had two successes — Ram Leela, that was a 100- Bajirao Mastani and crore grosser, whose word of mouth is amazing. The movie is getting accolades, doing nicely and their chemistry is amazing, also. So box office wise, Ranveer undoubtedly has an edge over Ranbir, in terms of the pairing with Deepika is worried. YJHD establish a standard and was a big hit, so folks anticipate the Ranbir-Deepika and draw comparisons pair to do better in relation to the ‘180 crore company that YJHD did. But I have to include that while Deepika pairs off with Ranveer, the magic is not more in the Ranbir Deepika pair.

DP works nicely with both

I enjoy both pairs. Though both movies starring the Deepika-Ranveer jodi clicked in the BO, in case of the Ranbir Deepika pair, one clicked (YJHD) while the other (Tamasha) did not. Deepika was excellent in all the four pictures as well as the chemistry was amazing even. They can not say that their chemistry was not working, although individuals might have enjoyed or disliked the movie.