Wow BIG DEAL! Kylie Jenner to star in a Punjabi music video!

Wow BIG DEAL! Kylie Jenner to star in a Punjabi music video!


The sexy social media star is set to feature in a Punjabi music video. It’s an approaching single by Punjabi rapper Manjeet Ral who’s popularly known as Manj Musik. The single titled Supermodel may have Kylie Jenner in an Indian music video for the first time ever. Whoa! We guess fans didn’t see that coming! This is going to be one helluva treat!

How did all this occur? Turns out, according to a top daily, Manj, as a joke requested his fans who would be a better fit for his next music video and put this image of Kylie – Kylie or Kim Kardashian. After enthusiasts voted for Kylie, the singer started to seriously consider the prospect and bam! Here’s what Manj revealed into a top portal site, “I approached Kylie Jenner when I was visiting the US recently . My team is currently working out the final modalities of her involvement in the song, as she has a hectic schedule.“

According to reports, sources disclose that not only is Kylie starring in the video for the single, the team is attempting to persuade her to sing a few lines in Punjabi or Hindi. A double bonanza! Considering it’s a video that is Indian, Buffs must be clearly expecting her to come down and the shoot the video here. But turns out, the video will be shot in Los Angeles. Oh! Suppose, we’ll have to make do with watching her. But whether she comes down to India or not, that is huge news yet!

For all who don’t understand her ( who doesn’t) she was a part of the famous reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians. Since 2014, she’s appeared on on Times magazine list of 25 most influential teenagers. Additionally, she part of the list of top 10 most followed stars on Instagram. She is already a star. No surprise, fans are excited about her featuring in a video.

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