WOW! Canadian Supermodel Coco Rocha To Enter Bollywood?

WOW! Canadian Supermodel Coco Rocha To Enter Bollywood?


When asked if she’s plans to enter Bollywood, Coco Rocha said with a gleaming smile, “That would be amazing and that would be a check off my list if I get a chance in Bollywood, if they invite me then why not?” Coco, further continued with a wink, “If there’s any film-maker out there, give me a call”.

“I’m not very good at movies because I have to remember lines, and I’m not very good at that. So unfortunately I’ve not been given a chance to try it, but hey, if there’s anyone out there, give me a call”.

The wonderful Coco Rocha, requested to the film makers to give her a call. So if there is a film-maker supermodel Coco is waiting on your call, and we expect to see her in Bollywood pretty soon.

The supermodel, also says and spoke about her love for dancing, she’d love to dance to some peppy Bollywood number.

The leggy lass says, “As a model I’ve known to be for the ‘model who dances’ and any time when there’s a project that involves dancing I get so excited. It doesn’t matter what kind, I love to try different types, I’ve done disco, tango, river dancing and Irish dancing. I think it’s amazing and I love it!”

Bollywood and dance, make the Canadian supermodel and a great pair has it all that it takes to enter Bollywood. We expect her “check list” becomes true. Eventually, when asked about her favourite brand of whiskey, Coco Rocha says she adores Johnny Walker blended with Gingerale, “If you’ven’t tried that, you should try it” says the beautiful supermodel.