Wow: CONGRATULATIONS! SRK BEATS Salman Khan to become the superstar with the...

Wow: CONGRATULATIONS! SRK BEATS Salman Khan to become the superstar with the CRAZIEST fan following!


Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan will be the GREATEST stars of Bollywood and we understood that it will be a difficult fight involving both when we began the wildest LOVER following survey!

The two performers have given so many successes over time to us as well as their lovers are simplr crazy for them.

Though the actors are friends now, their buffs are staunch competitions. As soon as we started the survey, the two fan bases began voting though and because of their star, it was neck and neck in the start. But it looks JABRA enthusiasts have given a treat to Shah Rukh Khan even prior to the launch of his upcoming movie, Fan.

Shah Rukh Khan has won the BollywoodLife most crazy Fan Following Survey by bagging 54 per cent of the total votes! Yes, more than half of the overall votes went to the Fan performer. Actually, Salman got 29 per cent votes just, making SRK triumphant using a LARGE difference.

And so, making Shah Rukh Khan the BIGGEST Celeb of Bollywood currently. Yet, there were other contenders as well. Ranveer Singh came in with 11 per cent votes at number 3, followed by Varun Dhawan Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor who were with 2 per cent votes at number 4.

Aamir Khan was at the bottom with just 1 per cent vote. What can you think in the most crazy FAN following survey about Shah Rukh Khan‘s HUGE triumph?

Tell us! Additionally check out how Shah Rukh BEAT Salman Khan in round among the Raees Sultan conflict in the video right here: