Wow FINALLY: Anushka Sharma take a dig at A-list actors of Bollywood!!

Wow FINALLY: Anushka Sharma take a dig at A-list actors of Bollywood!!


Anushka Sharma isn’t the kind who would mince words. She is one of the few actresses in the film industry who tells it like it is.

In a recently-done interview, the star spoke about sex discrimination is comfortably housed by Bollywood.

Discussing the parts that were accessory land that was most celebrities, she said it is okay for an ageing celebrity play with a superhero.

“But why is it that only young women are desirable? There is a sexual connotation attached to that. Even if you’re not just showing your t**s and a**, what are women bringing to a film, other than their beauty and nakhras? This is also happening because big actors are backing these kinds of films,” Mumbai Mirror quoted her as saying.

Celebrities are frightened to take risks.

“This benchmark for success is corrupting the system. Actors are scared to take risks. It is easier for girls to take risks because no one is expecting anything of them anyway,” mocked Anushka.

The complete pay split according to sex is a thing that irks this leading lady. She also says that when they are proposing a change, they’re not being tough and how celebrities will not be stupid.

“People don’t like women with guts in this industry,” Anushka further elaborated.

Overwhelmed with “NH10” success, she said she’d be making three pictures, among which will even be featuring her.