WOW FINALLY!! Deepika Padukone reveals why she loves Ranveer Singh!

WOW FINALLY!! Deepika Padukone reveals why she loves Ranveer Singh!


They say it is usually very lonely at the top. Not so much for reigning queen Deepika Padukone who has achieved tremendous success in a short span of time she has work in the Indian film industry.

So Ranveer and Deepika are dating and are usually seen canoodling each other is well known to all for the guy was still standing on a slippery earth, but Deepika feels. Yet this time differs!

While speaking to a top daily, the Piku performer said, “Ranveer is my best friend (and that is to not be taken lightly). I will be exposed, sensitive, and mental and that I get hurt easily. I will be quite so naked in the front of Ranveer… and that I understand he WOn’t ever harm me or take me for granted. This is the type of understanding and trust we’ve. The reason I value and really like him is that I feel comfortable but still can bare my soul. If that is divine link, that is what it really is!”

When inquired between Ranveer and Ranbir who she enjoys better, she’s got a fairly intriguing response to that. They did not ask him who I made a more popular pair with. In the event of Ranbir and Ranveer, they may be constantly presented using the similar question: Who seems hotter? It feels ill at ease! There isn’t any need and one doesn’t need to be better compared to other. Anyway, it’s not that complicated.

While we wonder who Deepika Padukone seems with and sit, you tell us what would you believe? Deepika-Ranbir Deepika-Ranveer or.