WOW! Hulk Hogan Awarded Additional $25 Million in Punitive Damages Following Sex...

WOW! Hulk Hogan Awarded Additional $25 Million in Punitive Damages Following Sex Tape Lawsuit Against Gawker


Gawker Media continues to pay the price in their own litigation involving Hulk Hogan.

A jury reached a verdict with regard to punitive damages only three days after the previous pro wrestler was given $115 million in his legal case from the media site.

The selection came after just around three hours of deliberations.

While today’s opinion especially associated with punitive damages generally given to punish the defendant, the monetary award of Friday was for economical injuries and psychological distress.

In court testimony, Hulk’s attorney said Gawker Media is worth $83 million while the creator can be said to truly have a net worth of $121 million prejudgment.

“Thank you God for justice, just adore 4life,” Hulk discussed on Twitter following the first verdict was read Friday evening.

His team added, “We Are extremely pleased with the verdict. We believe it signifies a statement regarding people ‘s disgust together with the invasion of privacy. Our success may also discourage others from victimizing innocent individuals. This verdict now requires those organizations to honor privacy and when not pay the price for neglecting to take action.”

Gawker, nonetheless, made it clear that they’re going to get ready after the appeals procedure starts to fight.
“There’s really much this jury deserved to understand and, luckily, the appeals court does really understand,”

Gawker said in a statement. “So we’re convinced we are going to win this case finally predicated on not only on the law but additionally on the facts.”