WOW! John Abraham, Shruti Haasan starrer Rocky Handsome is set to release...

WOW! John Abraham, Shruti Haasan starrer Rocky Handsome is set to release on March 25!


The actor launched his look through his social networking for the movie handle previously!

Shruti Haasan and John Abraham are set-to impress us with Rugged Fine that will be recommended to become an action thriller. This movie is placed to capitalise about the Holi weekend, the emblem which has gone out today.

Rugged Fine is likely to be Nishikant’s minute cooperation and Steve after Pressure. The movie has been truly worked hard-on by the actor. In another of his interviews he explained he experienced substantial instruction for his part. “We visited Bangkok and we experienced there for over per month. I been trained in artforms that were various. I been trained in Aikido, Hapkido which include lots of palm-to-hand fight. I been trained in Krav Maga he explained.

Within the first-look, Steve it is keeping a weapon looking at possibly among the drug mafias he sets onto destroy and sometimes appears matched up for his part. The tale is just a free variation of the 2010 Japanese movie The Person from Nowhere, revolving around a guy who sets out to get retribution against drug mafia once they remove an eight-year old woman, with whom he gives a unique relationship.

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