WOW SEXY WANTS TO BE MOMMY! Sunny Leone all set to have...

WOW SEXY WANTS TO BE MOMMY! Sunny Leone all set to have her first baby with hubby Daniel Weber!


Sunny Leone is about to be a mommy soon. She and husband Daniel Weber have been thinking of becoming parents to get quite a while, but have unable to get the best time for Sunny to take that rest amidst her frantic schedule.

Now, however, there is pressure for parenthood. Says Sunny, “We both need a youngster. We are simply trying to determine the most effective time for that. I do understand my mother in law was whining last week. She needs a grandchild and we’re taking too long.”

Discussing her recipe to get a long lasting union Sunny says, “Daniel is my companion. We have seen the worst of times and also the best of times . I am able to consult with him any issue, about anything. He’s always there for me. I am able to lean on him for anything, irrespective of how stupid.”

Sunny is pleased to let Daniel (also her supervisor) take charge of her life. “I consider I’ve been given that opportunity that each celebrity needs in life. My loving husband and I work together on every price what I do not and in what I would like to do. I make the ultimate decision within my entire life and its likely me who needs things watertight.”

He’s the one that helped me make your decision to really go on the Bigg Boss show.