WOW SO LAVISH! Salman Khan makes the day of his YOUNG fan...

WOW SO LAVISH! Salman Khan makes the day of his YOUNG fan who had cried after watching Bajrangi Bhaijaan!


We understand he likes to play with all the small ones and that Salman Khan is quite fond of children. While the star was seen amusing or spending time with children on sets of several movies, he met with one girl who’d touched him a lot. The girl who had been inconsolable after viewing Salman’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan, recall Suzi? Viral had been gone by the video of her weeping and director Kabir Khan spoted it.

When her mom asks her why she needs Salman, she responds, “Coz I adore him.” Everyone believed this was a sweet thing that Salman did for his buff that was modest, but you will not believe what occurred next.

It appears that someone was told by the performer from his team to touch base with all the child’s family, who organize a little visit for her and reside in Delhi. A source discloses to us, “Salman was really touched after seeing Suzi shout after Bajrangi Bhaijaan and so he wished to meet her personally. Suzi and the performer flew from Delhi to Mumbai a few days back and met on the sets of Sultan. Salman spent lots of time together with her.

Salman also presented a replica of his famed bracelet to her. It appears Salman went the entire nine yards to reach out to his youthful lover while some stars quit after tweeting.