WOW! Sonam Kapoor has a unique way of sharing her personal and...

WOW! Sonam Kapoor has a unique way of sharing her personal and professional life


The performer took to share that she has a surprise in store for media and specially for her fans. It was only a little after midnight on Thursday that the celebrity let the kitty out of the bag. So Sonam Kapoor, like Jenners and the Kardashians, is going to establish a program of her own. In a video shared by her last night, Sonam declares that people come to know of many scoops and gossip through sources, nevertheless, she’s now taken matters in her control and will be giving exclusive images and scoops live from photoshoots and her film sets. Hmmm, looks like the actress will now don the hat of a reporter also.

Formerly Sonam acting all strange amidst fashion photographer and Neerja producer Atul Kasbekar was seen by another video, make-up artist Namrata Soni, celebrity and buddy Swara Bhaskar and her sister Rhea Kapoor. With questions like “ Is it her phone” and “What’s she smoking, ” Sonam tried to keep the secret for quite a long time.

The actress will unveil the app today, that may now become a hangout spot for all Sonaholics.