Woah! Zareeen Khan and Daisy Shah show you how to DO it...

Woah! Zareeen Khan and Daisy Shah show you how to DO it right!


Believe shooting a sex scene is not difficult? Request the performers involved and they are going to let you know it is one helluva job!

The large release of the week is Hate Story 3 which is focussed on payback and erotica play, such as the last pictures of the franchise. The final two movies happen to be commendable successes, therefore the franchise did with sex. Vishal Pandya directs the newest movie and stars Daisy Shah, Zareen Khan, Sharman Joshi and Karan Singh Grover. The manufacturers of the movie have released a behind the scenes video about shooting the lovemaking scenes where Daisy Shah Zareen Khan and Karan Singh Grover speak regarding their experiences.

For the very first time within their careers, Daisy Shah and Zareen Khan have drop their inhibitions and have gone daring using their characters. He admits he accidentally shows the cause of the blank expression on his face during a few sex scenes, and also still experiences suffering while shooting for the same, like the below.

Anyways, here are a few suggestions and lessons we’ve learnt in the performers about shooting at these sex scenes!

# There are a lot of butterflies in your stomach before you shoot for these scenes.

# Even if you are comfortable with your co-stars, there is still discomfort when it comes to sex scenes

# Always make sure that you smell good. Do think twice before you have that burger if you are to shoot a sex scene

# Make sure the nails are cut, and that you have clean inner-wear!

# It’s difficult to show excitement on your face (refer to the pic above), when you have to follow a set of instructions, how to handle your co-star properly without errmmm…touching her erogenous zones and staying in sync with her.

# Males have less discomfort about his co-star touching him, compared to females, because he has only one ‘sensitive’ area!