WOWWW!!! Adorable Deepika and Ranbir travelling on Train

WOWWW!!! Adorable Deepika and Ranbir travelling on Train


The 12-hour journey was one typical of Indian Railways, packed with chai dialogues and also a 3 am platform minute. For both actors, the journey was a novelty but in various manners.

What goes on in Corsica may or might not stay in Corsica, but what goes on on a train in India undoubtedly does not stay there. News agency ANI was onboard the Suvidha Express with Team Tamasha and found that Deepika, 29, was a train experienced but new to first class traveling and Ranbir, born with the proverbial silver spoon into a leading Bollywood dynasty, had taken a train only once in his whole life and that was abroad.

Deepika, daughter of badminton champion Prakash Padukone, played some serious sports for many years.

Ranbir, 33, confessed to truly being a train rookie.

Off-screen, nonetheless, Ranbir has never had the pleasure of jostling his way down the stage in hot pursuit of the bag-laden coolie striding ahead at express speed, played compartment antakshari and taash, fought over who gets which spot, bolted down the tray of comestibles that passes for ‘dinner’ or jumped off onto the platform in search of chai and fresh atmosphere.

You have our sympathies, sir.

Imitiaz Ali directs Tamasha, which is Deepika and Ranbir’s third film together…