WOWza!! Sunny Leone’s recent obsession is TOTALLY EDIBLE

WOWza!! Sunny Leone’s recent obsession is TOTALLY EDIBLE


Sunny Leone is obsessed and we are able to understand why. The performer, who’s travelling due to duty calls, shared a fairly intriguing picture through her social networking handle that got our attention.

We realize that Friday is 2 days away and that those two days may seem like a million years for those who are used (fortunately unlucky) and Sunny who is obviously on a run as a result of her profession is having all the feels in the world you know why?

Cause she’s standing next to a PIZZA CONE! Can you imagine?

Well this pic gave me hunger pangs for sure and in the event you are anything like us, you undoubtedly know the feeling.

The performer is on an all-time career high with celebrities from Aamir Khan to her husband Daniel Weber supporting her for the sexist interview she endured in the recent past.

According to her co-star Tusshar Kapoor, that interview worked in Sunny’s favour , and it has hiked her fan base for good.

It received so much appreciation that even Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan admitted to work with Sunny if he gets a great script.