WTF! Justin Bieber’s Ex Jasmine V Is 6 Months Pregnant

WTF! Justin Bieber’s Ex Jasmine V Is 6 Months Pregnant


Congratulations to Jasmine V! The gorgeous singer and ex-girlfriend to Justin Bieber is expecting her first child. Jasmine is six months pregnant, and couldn’t be more excited to become a mother to this little bundle of joy!

Jasmine Villegas, aka Jasmine V, 22, spoke for Latinas to Cosmo and shared the happy news that she is six months pregnant. The “That’s Me Right There” vocalist, and ex to Justin Bieber, 21, is thrilled that Jasmine and her longtime boyfriend (whom she didn’t name) are going to become first time parents. Do you think she will reveal her baby her starring part in the “Baby” music video?


baby, baby, baby– “You take the test, and you’re unsure, then you take another one. It was an extremely wild second for me; I’m definitely excited, although I never believed I’d have a baby at 22. I’m super excited to meet my infant and to be a mother,” Jasmine told Cosmo for Latinas. Jasmine’s amazing interview touched on her hopes for motherhood, the support from her wonderful boyfriend — and how she is so sick of the way society judges youthful mothers. Go Jasmine!

Jasmine is really on the cusp of making it huge in the music industry, already having toured with Fifth Harmony and Jake Miller, and gotten in the studio with Kendrick Lamar. So striking! Jake’s in the centre of recording her first record, but having a baby understandably changes everything. Jasmine is not sweating it.

“Of course, there are different results,” Jasmine told the mag. “I can not run on stage and perform. There’ll be no ‘bad’ days anymore. Jasmine’ll still be recording tunes though, and I am thrilled to be sharing my journey through social media.”

Beliebers freaked out when pictures surfaced in a car’s back part of the two kissing. So scandalous. But Jasmine’s beginning an amazing new phase of her life, and all grown up now. Do you believe the small one a lullaby will be sung by the Biebs?