X Factor fans are questioning whether Olly Murs will be fired from...

X Factor fans are questioning whether Olly Murs will be fired from the show


X Factor fans are questioning whether Olly Murs is going to be fired from the show this evening.
The star, who rose to acclaim on Simon Cowell’s talent show, made an enormous blunder on tonight’s episode.

After the judges acknowledged they could not determine which act to send home – out of Anton Stephans and Monica Michael – the selection was assumed to be in the public’s hands.

Nevertheless, Olly announced before being given the envelope together with the results that the former had been removed.

ITVOlly Murs announced tonight’s results a little too soon

Those tuning were quick to give their opinions on the episode via Twitter.

Scott Ruminate afterward commented: “Harry Styles watches on as Olly Murs begs at the feet of Simon Cowell to keep his occupation… “You fine down there, Olly?” X Factor.”

Just a little while afterwards, Stu Perry included: Oops.”

Tony Rakhra subsequently tweeted: “The next man leaving xfactor is Olly Murs. Deadlock.”

Soon afterwards, Kim Gerrard posted: “Olly Murs is as awful at presenting as he is at singing. How completely embarrassing. He is able to barely pronounce most words but that?!”

Regardless of the slip up, it turns out Olly was right – Monica was the action who lost her place int he contest tonight.

Olly later took to Twitter to apologise for his error, writing: “I apologise to everyone tonight I made a massive f*** upward in the end. It was so tense!! I’m still learning & trust that never happens again!”

The X factor returns next Saturday.