Xbox Live is in trouble: Xbox One and Xbox 360 having encountered...

Xbox Live is in trouble: Xbox One and Xbox 360 having encountered issues


You might face difficulties today if you thought to buy videos or games on Xbox Live because there is some Microsoft’s service issue. Xbox 360 and Xbox One has been facing trouble throughout the day.

Whereas the basic sign-in issues seem to have been fixed.

UPDATE: Many Xbox users can have access to their profile on console but presently are not capable to access multiplayer games.
North American users reported that they can have access to the home page and then hit by an error notice that they appears to be offline.
It means users cannot access the games like GTA Online in the UK and North America.

Several services on the official page of Xbox intimated as “LIMITED”. The support page says “sorry if you are facing trouble in purchasing games or other stuff” we are trying hard to fix the problem soon, as well as working on launching games that you’ve pay off numerically. The site has difficulties when exposing achievements and the major IGN app (Xbox 360).

One gamer wrote:

“Looks down again. Everyone offline and I can’t change my status to online. This is happening too much nowadays.”

UPDATE: issues were first conveyed in Europe around 8pm (UK) on Friday. Xbox Live running fine later but some users were facing no friend activity or server exposure in the UK. There is no prominent issues has been stated at Xbox’s official page but users in the UK complaining about intermittent issues.