Yaayy! Good NEWS: signs that Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are getting...

Yaayy! Good NEWS: signs that Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are getting back together!


Salman and Katrina had both moved on post their split six years back. Katrina was involved with a serious relationship with Ranbir Kapoor and many felt that the two would get hitched and settle down.

Unfortunately the relationship came to a finish and the breakup became the talking point. The new single and exceptionally hot Katrina Kaif endured all private questions and went about her work. She managed the paparazzi that were nosy and media with elegance. About what went wrong between her and Ranbir the performer never really opened up. Many get back shortly and hinted that the couple was on a break, but reports of RK Jr’s Delhi-wali girlfriend that was cleared all the haze. Ranbir’s tell-all interview about Katrina being revelations and an “powerful thing” about what went wrong affirmed that it was the ending of Ranbir-Katrina love story.

But hey, it wasn’t Ranbir that Katrina is reuniting. It’s Salman Khan! And all along there were hints that Salman and Katrina would be back together shortly. Here are five signs that suggested a reconciliation between Salman Katrina…

#Iulia out!

The latest buzz implies that Iulia Vantur is no longer Salman Khan’s ladylove. The Romanian beauty who was until recently spotted hanging out on sets of Tubelight took off after visa problems cropped up. But it seems that Iulia is just not merely out of the nation the performer is also out of Khan’s life. While many supposed that Iulia is not going to return for another three months hush hush buzz in the market is that Iulia is Salman’s girlfriend.

#Filmi reunion:

Salman Khan had many pending movies, including his brother Arbaaz Khan’s movie Dabangg 3. The actor however decided to light Ali Abbas Zafar’s film that was green with Katrina. Was this Khan’s manner of showing Katrina that he’ll always be there for her? Well, it certainly appears so. Just think about it, nothing was working out for Katrina on professional and personal front. Baar Baar Dekho and her pictures Fitoor both tanked. Buzz was that Katrina’s picture with Fawad Khan under the Dharma banner would be affected post her last picture’s destiny at the box office. Salman certainly showed us that he has Katrina’s back constantly and they share something quite special.

#That commercial break!

Yes, Salman and Katrina were offered several advertisements when they were. However both the stars turned them down. Now both of them for the initial time determined to mark a debut as a jodi in an ad. Undoubtedly brands and the advertising makers will benefit from this new development.

#The Khan Khandaan

Katrina is surely adored by Salman’s family. Despite her split the Khan khandaan has kept a connection with Katrina. In fact, even after Katrina and Salman went different ways the actress has been welcomed with wide arms for all their get togethers and events. Remember how Salman had joked that Katrina could have been Mrs Khan at Arpita Khan’s wedding a year ago? Certainly if the couple decides to formally unite the family will be thrilled. (Also read: Salman Khan gets a response from Katrina Kaif on Facebook and it’s absolute AWESOMNESS!)

#Katrina speaks up!

The celebrity had refrained from speaking about Salman Khan. She’s consistently maintained a cordial and very diplomatic stance. Even when Salman pokes fun it is dismissed by her. When the performer debuted on her birthday on Facebook the couple had the cutest exchange on social media. And the manner herself in a recent interview – and Katrina spoke for both Salman it spoke for itself!