Yaayyyy!! Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif are bonding over Ranbir Kapoor?

Yaayyyy!! Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif are bonding over Ranbir Kapoor?


Remember we told you about a Facebook banter between Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra? It started with ‘Joyful happy birthday, Priyanka Chopra Have an amazing year ahead’ message. PC answered to the post saying, “Thank you so much babe and an extremely happy belated bday to u too. And ultimately welcome to the mad world of social!!” It wasn’t only FB banter. These girlies are becoming fast friends all of a sudden. Actually, PC even joined Kat and the Dream Team for lunch in NY during the tour. Take a wild guess what brought these two women together. Can’t? Well, let us tell you. It’s Ranbir Kapoor!

Now Katrina must experienced loads to discuss and has recently broken up with Ranbir Kapoor. It didn’t take away the hurt of a separation for sure although the split did make her superhot. So we hear she confided in PC. Priyanka Chopra has found a brand new buddy in Katrina Kaif. When Kat was in New York for the Dream Team tour, PC invited Parineeti Chopra, Kat and Alia Bhatt over for dinner. Katrina and Priyanka bonded like never before. They’ve even said to have discussed Ranbir Kapoor and talked about how girls must stick together against the man brigade.

Recall PC was linked to him during Anjaana Anjaani? Now do n’t get us wrong. We definitely are happy that two actresses in this sector are bonding big time since that’s a rarity in Bollywood. For some reason or the other, competition constantly seeps in and ruins relationships, say for what occurred with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Rani Mukerji. So we are the happiest bunch here.

In addition , we expect you spoke about other stuff as well and not only Ranbir Kapoor. After all, there is so much you are able to converse about apart in the celebrity even though he’s the most fascinating one.