YOU WILL BE SHOCKED! Guess what Sonakshi Sinha received as a New...

YOU WILL BE SHOCKED! Guess what Sonakshi Sinha received as a New Year gift!


Sonakshi Sinha knows the best way to make a dull outfit into an appealing one. The performer, who is shooting on and off for Akira and her coming films Power 2, was in for a surprise when her New Years gift was sent in by her pals.

The actress received a personalized new tee shirt, which she fondly calls her dance-tee which has a gold printed Asli Sona printed on it. The present is from Sonakshi cannot stop and Taruna and Kussh Sinha . “My new year present from @tarunna and @kusshssinha! I ENJOY it!!!

For those who follow this star you guys might know of Sonakshi’s day to day style. The actress likes to don normcore appears largely and is into boho-chic trend. Even in her new single that she released, Sona is seen rocking some really trendy ensembles, be her intriguing headbands or it her accessories.

Sonakshi is a busy woman! Present at an occasion, the celebrity shared the level of problem while shooting with this film she faced. “I have never imagined myself in situations like that before. It was really challenging, probably my most challenging role till date. Physically I took training and I had to up my game and luckily I have been into sports as a kid. That’s how the energy and the strength come in so it didn’t take that long. I had to train for about a month and a half and I was ready to do the film,” she said.