YUM YUM! What’s cooking? Shah Rukh Khan celebrates Bob Dylan’s Noble Prize...

YUM YUM! What’s cooking? Shah Rukh Khan celebrates Bob Dylan’s Noble Prize win in the most delicious way


Bob Dylan is a star. The guy, who started off as a vocalist, lyricist occurred to bring this whole new revolution in America 1960 with his kind that was powerful a music. His example has taught writers of sorts — not merely poets and novelists — about strategies of both anyone’s and pinpoint clarity -imagine free association, of equivocal, kaleidoscopic dispositions and telegraphic brevity.

So it comes as no surprise that Bob Dylan has finally been honored with the 2016 Nobel Prize. Yes! But wait until you check out last night Shah Rukh Khan determined to celebrate big win is ’sed by Bob Dylan in Budapest – where he’s shooting for The Ring.

While Shah Rukh congratulated the star of the instant. He also put up this video of him learning the best way to cook saying, while learning how to cook “Observing Bob Dylan’s Nobel. The Times They Are a-Changin’” Ahan, look how he’s played around Bob’s ill-famed track of the times they are-a changing. Really, this is the very first time we’re getting to see some dish is prepared by Shah Rukh, off display. Not bad, King Khan. Bob Dylan is definitely going to love this ode…

Produced Robert Allan Zimmerman in Minnesota on May 24, 1941, into a Jewish family with its origins in Tsarist Russia, he shown an interest in music right from his school days and, in 1961, dropped out of university for a full time music career. He also changed his surname to Dylan, in homage to Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

On that note, watch this video below and tell us what would you think of this ‘CHANGE’ in Shah Rukh Khan in the opinions below. We wanna understand it any which manners. Drop your thoughts and keep watching this space for more updates with this story.