Yummmm Victoria’s Secret Angels Eat Buffalo Wings on The Late Show

Yummmm Victoria’s Secret Angels Eat Buffalo Wings on The Late Show


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show recorded last month, therefore the models possess the right to take a rest and live a little.

Decked out in their complete sets of wings, the models chowed down on their individual platters two of them did.

Both Adam Levine’s lovely wife and Hill wasted no time chowing down in the front of these to the wings feeding each other but Lima picked one up, place her mouth onto it and put it back. “They are hot,” she said.

Prinsloo was so jazzed about her Late Show snack that she accidentally dipped part of her wing in the barbecue sauce! While they ate Colbert insisted they not “be shy” about it.

“Get in there,” he said. “You need fuel for your big underpants day tomorrow.”

“OK, Stephen, we recorded the show a month ago,” Lima explained.

“Well, then belly up the buffalo bar, my friend,” he retorted.

At one point Hill is caught enjoying herself so much that she had to take a moment to wipe the sauce off her face. “Are these organic?” Hill asked, jokingly.

“I’m not sure,” he said. “All I know is that they’re the wings that were harvested from angels who didn’t make the cut.”

After finishing up their meals, the models and Colbert realize they don’t have any napkins or wet wipes with which to clean up. Thankfully Prinsloo already had dirtied up her wings, so Colbert opted to use that as a napkin.