Zulfi Bukhari conveyed message of Reham Khan

Zulfi Bukhari conveyed message of Reham Khan


British Pakistani businessman Zulfi Bukhari conveyed message of Reham Khan to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf leader Imran Khan after the couple announced they were breaking up on Friday.

Reham Khan had landed here on Thursday. The bombshell news made headlines worldwide as well as the couple took to social media websites to confirm that their 10-months-long marriage had fallen apart over irreconcilable differences.

Imran Khan’s office released pictures on Monday which revealed that Zulfi Bukhari was walking alongside the former cricket star outside his home. They were followed by Awan Chaudhary, Imran Khan’s chief of staff. Zulfi Bukhari is seen walking behind Imran Khan in Shalwar Kameez. A PTI source said that Zulfi Bukhari spent Sunday night in Bani Gala. He reached Imran Khan’s home straight after landing.

Zulfi Bukhari was tasked by Imran Khan to meet Reham Khan at a central London hotel to “solve” the issues, based on a party insider. Both Reham and Zulfi Bukhari have not uttered a word as to what was discussed within their meeting in London but a source said that Imran Khan called Zulfi Bukhari personally and ordered him to hurry and meet Reham included in the “damage control exercise”.

There are many theories in circulation concerning the divorce between the powerful couple but credible sources have said that it was “mutually agreed” between the couple that they can go their separate ways. However, a source have spoken about a “contentious e-mail sent on Thursday” and a “text message” which have caused a lot of issues.

“Imran Khan and Zulfi Bukhari have spent several hours in privacy discussing various scenarios. Zulfi Bukhari has conveyed the message of Reham Khan and she hasn’t minced words,” said the source who has inside knowledge of what’s going on.

A source has stated the divorce was “mutually” agreed but you’ll find strong differences in the way it had been done.

Both Imran Khan and Reham Khan have rejected speculations about financial resolutions as “absolutely false and black”. Credible sources in PTI have told this correspondent that Reham Khan has not made any financial demand. “It is between Imran, Zulfi and Reham only at that period and no one else knows what is going on. There are other demands but they’re not of fiscal nature.”

Imran Khan has talked highly of Reham Khan, stating that he’d the “greatest respect for Reham’s moral character & her fire to work for & help the underprivileged” but a smear campaign had been started against her in media in the wake of the divorce. It is considered that some people in PTI are covertly involved with the dirty campaign. Reham Khan has said that the group has been involved in “conspiracy” against her throughout her marriage with all the former cricket star.

Zulfi Bukhari has made his bundle in the high end property business in central London and has been closely linked with Imran Khan for several years now. He’s never appeared at any PTI occasion but stays with Imran Khan while he is in London. Imran Khan is taken by him to dinner parties and meetings where no one is invited or told about. His father Syed Wajid Bukhari is now PTI’s core committee member and the former federal environment minister. His uncle Ijaz Bukhari is the MPA of PTI. When Zulfi Bukhari’s London office was contacted, a spokeswoman said: “He is outside of the nation on company tour and certainly will be back in a week.”

Many have maintained that they knew months in advance that Reham and Imran will divorce but credible sources say that there’s no truth in premises and predictions.