Samsung raided as part of a probe into the political scandal


South Korean prosecutors have raided the offices of Samsung Electronics and claim that the company was acting as a prob into political corruption around President Park Geun-hye. The prosecutors are investigating allegations that Samsung gave cash to the daughter of Choi – a close pal of the president, sil. Ms Choi is accused of using their friendship solicit business gifts and to interfere in politics. Samsung supported the raids to the BBC saying they’d “no further comment”. President Park has apologised to Ms Choi for her ties but faces mounting calls to step down. Ms Choi charged with fraud and misuse of power and was detained on 3 November. Ms Choi, a longtime buddy of Ms Park’s, is the daughter of Choi Tae-min, a shadowy quasi religious leader who was linked to Ms Park’s dad, then-president Park Chung-hee

. image She’s alleged to have driven companies to contribute millions of dollars to foundations she helped select presidential aides, commanded, and decided the president’s clothing. Ms Park has apologised for letting her longstanding buddy improper entry to government policymaking. The president declared she’d let her addresses are edited by Ms Choi. President Park reshuffled her cabinet, has recently replaced her prime minster and fired several aides, but there are growing calls for her resignation or impeachment. The scandal has left an approval rating of only 5% to Ms Park. Ms Park became the first female president of her country’s when she was elected in December 2012 in a close-run competition.