HOT Kareena Kapoor Khan and her baby bump make a glamorous cover for this lifestyle magazine


Kareena Kapoor Khan‘s baby bump is on the display of magazine cover! That is most likely the third or fourth photoshoot image where her baby bump is being flaunted by the performer.

Nevertheless, as we stare at this image that is mesmerising, we are growing more and more impatient! There’s certainly no beauty which can be compared to Bebo on this cover. I mean, just have a look at her embrace motherhood in the coolest way possible. Wearing Gaurav Gupta gown that is stunning, there’s nothing that might need replacing in this ensemble. Simplicity is bliss, all things considered. In the gown that is subtle, her beauty takes and actually radiates all our focus on her face.

The black gown drops oh so finely on the 36 year old actress while huge beauty is redefined by her face. You can observe how the eyes have already been lined to highlight the gaze while her lips with naked shade farther make this seem hot! Give a closer look to her hair and you’ll see that the stylist has done a great job. Yes, her look breathtaking would be made by leaving the hair open but the way her hair was tied in a pony using the tresses escaping her face says it all. It’s a beauty cover and it’s also simply focussing on Bebo’s attractiveness.
This cover has undoubtedly made us extremely interested and we’re literally growing impatient to see her go to the following chapter of motherhood following the arrival of her first baby. Using the impeccable design cues she’s delivered during her pregnancy, we consider her post pregnancy looks are going to be equally as inspirational and stylish.