Breaking News: Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel accused by Donald Trump of ‘pulling out the race card’


The president remained quiet through the star-studded ceremony on Sunday night, neglecting to respond to the goading tweets he was sent by Kimmel during the program.

The talk show host said: “Perhaps that is not a favorite thing to say, but I’d like to say thank you to Donald Trump. After all, recall last year when it looked like the Oscars were racist? It is gone.

He included: “I have saw it for a long time. It was saw by me against Ronald Reagan, I Have viewed it against a lot of other folks. And they consistently like pulling the race card out.

“In fact, I did considerably much better than many other… Republicans in the past election. I did considerably better with Hispanics, I did considerably better with African Americans.”

Mr Trump additionally accused of focusing on politics, which he said led to the turmoil enclosing the statement of the very best picture winner the service.

“It was somewhat depressed. It did not feel like a really glamorous evening.

“I have been to the Oscars. There is something really particular missing, after which to stop that manner was miserable.”