Rangers arrest 5 ‘RAW-affiliated Al-Qaeda militants’ in Karachi


As five militants were imprisoned from Mawach Goth near Karachi Karachi was saved by Rangers from main damage, stated Sindh Rangers representative Colonel Qaiser.

Terrorists ran systems of intelligence company NDS and intelligence company NATURAL he explained.

the Rangers have also grabbed large cache of guns.

One of these simple terrorists Tahir Zaman alias Fighter got learning Afghanistan while Farman Siddique registered Al Qaeda in 2008.

The Colonel mentioned they were imprisoned on the tipoff.

“We got data that Al Qaeda militants had joined Karachi,” he explained.

The raid was completed under ‘Operation Raddul Fasaad’ that was continuing.

On February 22, Pakistan Military released its anti- offensive, stated the most recent in a number of procedures security forces had released to counter militants, a military spokesperson.

Major General Asif Ghafoor, director-general of the press side that was military’s, stated the procedure is targeted at treating terrorism that was “indiscriminately”.

“The work involves conduct of broad-spectrum protection/counter terrorism procedures by extension of continuing procedures in the united states Rangers in Punjab and concentrate on more efficient edge security administration,” included the declaration.