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With sea, sun and 20,000 girls, the Dinah is the greatest festival in the world which does not include any guys at all Created by Mariah Hanson in 1991, the Dinah was set up to create a lesbian world within the city – they booked out the hotels and filled the venues through the festival’s stretch. Named for the Dinah Shore golf tournament – not herself not homosexual – it’s got stars, entertainment and music, but the fans return for the largest lesbian occasion on the planet. That is to not say the stars are not drawing cards. This year the occasion saw rapper Angel Haze, Samantha Ronson DJing and Exes and Ohs singer Elle King among others – as well as Lady Gaga hanging out.


This indicates that McDonald is dealing with a difficult time. As it’s now facing a lawsuit as the customers accuse the chain of serving mozzarella sticks lacking in cheesiness.

A guy in California is pursuing $5 million in damages from your fast food giant for himself and 40 other consumers who have been supposedly served mozzarella sticks with inadequate cheese, based on the Business Insider.

The planned class action suit alleges the sticks aren’t “100% real cheese,” but instead partly composed of starch filler. “We mean to defend ourselves vigorously against these claims.”

The suit is seemingly not directly linked to recent social networking outrage triggered by McDonald’s customers who say they were served hollowed-out mozzarella sticks. McDonald’s started mozzarella sticks nationally in January within a new “McPick 2” promotion, allowing customers to decide two of the following for $2: a McDouble, a McChicken, small chips, and mozzarella sticks.

The mozzarella sticks will also be accessible on their very own, costing $1 for three sticks.


John Stamos has revealed that he got a woman pregnant when he was in his twenties and she had an abortion.

The ‘Grandfathered’ celebrity – who does not have any kids – revealed that the unnamed ex-husband and he determined after they found she was expecting his baby nearly 30 years past that she should have an abortion.

52, John, said: ‘This was just bad timing. It really wasn’t my choice…I think it was sort of a mutual decision.’

He explained: ‘I ‘d a terrible DUI, which I’m embarrassed by. Somebody might have hurt, it was ignorant and actually dumb . And I despised myself. It turned out to be a bad, awful thing. Therefore I said to myself, I’ve to quit down and this up, down and up, I ‘ve to.’

I will do anything I can’ – and then it did not work if it by chance will not work after the time but I am going to use myself a 100 per cent.

‘I was on antidepressants, some drugs and that darn Ambien, I am so happy to be off that. Totally away.

Nothing is taken by me. My recollection was beginning to get really fed up also, from that. Hard to memorise scripts, I could not recall names and places and things. And that was the most difficult thing to kick, incidentally. Alcohol, and whatever, the Ambien was rough, although that occurred.’


An Apple patent application released by the US Patent and Trademark Office has strategies to protect electrical connections with a “self healing elastomer”, Apple Insider reported.

Those materials possess the power to fix themselves. Connections could be seen by the initiation such as the headphone jack covered by the protective material, which will enable the headphone plug then reseal later to mitigate against damage and to penetrate the jack.

A number of rumours had indicated that Apple was working on dustrproof and waterproof prototype iPhone 7, Apple Insider said.

Next year, the iPhone 7 will be tipped for launch.


2016 will indicate an important shift from the regular custom of holding important occasions in the 2nd half the year of Apple. Apple will unveil only some of its most apparatus that are awaited at events. Apparatus which may be found in March 2016 contain the 4-inch iPhone, the next generation Apple Watch as well as the iPad Air 3 that is anticipated.

At last September’s autumn event that started the giant display iPad Pro, Apple did not reveal significant information about the iPad Air 3. Cyber 2015 sales and the Black Friday seen substantial reductions on the iPad Air 2. This shows the business will shortly start its successor reports Tech Times. These devices should have a cost tag of US$610 (AU$848).

Reports indicate both the MacBook Retina might be launched by the business and iPad Air 3 at an identical platform. Read this to find out more regarding the iPad Air 3.

Based on 9to5Mac, Apple is, in addition, likely to unveil the 2nd generation Apple Watch with an occasion in March. The potential cargo of the Apple Watch 2 will start from April. Another generation Apple Watch provides health data readings that are more precise.

Reports also indicate Apple might start the most -inch iPhone 6c at the exact same occasion alongside Apple Watch 2.

This is followed by the launch of another generation iPhone 7 in September at the annual autumn event of Apple.


SACRAMENTO -Symptoms usually include chills, high fever along with a cough.

Officials said at least 16 other prisoners at California’s oldest prison were hospitalized but afterwards reported they examined for the disorder considered a serious form of pneumonia and were being treated in the penitentiary.

The prisoner sent into a hospital while the others may be cared for at the penitentiary wanted heightened treatment, Hayhoe said.

Evaluation results on the remaining prisoners were anticipated as early as this weekend as Marin County and penitentiary health officials hunt for the cause.

After consulting with public health specialists, the penitentiary permitted the utilization of water and restarted using routine toilets.

The city’s health commissioner followed a current outbreak that sickened 128 individuals and killed 12 to your rooftop AC unit at a Bronx resort.

The bacteria may lead to a light illness called Pontiac fever or the more serious illness called Legionnaires’ disease.

The disorder occurs when dirty water is inhaled to the lungs in the type of mist, steam or wetness. It’s known as especially dangerous for elderly individuals and people that have underlying health problems.

Stay off until the source is located, Simas it’ll drinking water for the penitentiary’s more than 3,700 prisoners was shut off Thursday after first case was affirmed, and said.

Once the source is identified by officials, they typically use higher-than-normal quantities of chlorine to kill the bacteria.

Simas couldn’t immediately say how much price is measured by the crisis or exactly how many bottled water for drinking and big water tanks, portable toilets were brought to the penitentiary.

None of the penitentiary’s more than 1,200 workers have been sickened.

The water of the penitentiary comes in the Marin Municipal Water District and is kept in a penitentiary water tank that could carry about 3 million gallons, Simas said.

Marin Municipal Water District spokeswoman Emma Mahoney said in a e-mail that its water supply was promptly examined by the district, as well as the results strongly suggest that its water isn’t the origin of the trouble. The water was being tested by officials in the penitentiary, and Marin County health officials and she said the general public isn’t regarded as being in danger.

County officials later clarified the mobilization was managed during the day, although Benjamin said the penitentiary marshalled throughout the night time.