19, killed in car crash just hours after performing at country music...

19, killed in car crash just hours after performing at country music festival


Nathaniel O’Brien, who shot to fame on the Australian talent show perished on Sunday around 11am.

Tributes are pouring in for a former X Factor star who has been killed in a car crash only hours after performing in a country music festival.

The singer was driving on Barrier Highway, two hours north of Adelaide, and tragically perished on the scene.

According to local reports, Nathaniel had performed at Burra Country Music Festival merely hours before, and was due that evening to perform again in a Adelaide resort.

South Australia Police have affirmed the teen was the only individual in the car during the time.

According to reports, the festival was cancelled after organisers – including Nathaniel’s family – were notified of his departure.

Tributes have continued to pour in for the youthful star on social media, as family and friends respond to the shock news.

Australian country entertainer Gina Timms discussed to pay a tribute that was poignant.

It was the saddest thing to watch, to see a police officer come and tell his parents they had lost their lad in an auto accident.

“Nathaniel was an extremely talented young man who had lots of admiration, particularly in the country music business and last year being on X Factor surely boosted his profile for those who didn’t know him to fall in love with his heavenly voice.”

Meanwhile country music radio host Wally Sparrow included: “It is just so depressed, I can not believe it. He’d the entire world ahead of him.”

The host added: “He had an amazing voice. Nathaniel was an amazing ability and he won almost everything he went in.”

Nathaniel shot to popularity and made it in 2014’s talent show which aired on Channel Seven – winning a session with host and singer Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

Nathaniel also previously won Adelaide’s Next Superstar in 2012.