A DISASTER! Qatar’s Former Ruler Flown to Switzerland For MAJOR SURGERY After...

A DISASTER! Qatar’s Former Ruler Flown to Switzerland For MAJOR SURGERY After Breaking Leg


The former ruler in Qatar is now recovering there and was flown to Switzerland for surgery over the weekend after breaking his leg on vacation, government officials said Tuesday.

Government officials declined to say how or where his leg broke.

Airplane hobbyists and internet plane tracking site FlightRadar24 reported several Qatari flights landing in Zurich around that time, first from Morocco and after from Qatar, raising speculation Sheikh Hamad might have suffered his injury in Morocco.

The state-run Qatar News Agency has yet to report on operation and his injury. Yet, it said Morocco’s King Mohammed VI called the ruling emir in Qatar on Sunday.

Swiss media reported earlier this week that afterhours opened to accept Qatari planes counter to local regulations in place meant to avoid disturbing those living across the airport at night.

Swiss civil aviation authorities later told the AP that the Swiss air force had authorized the flights, without describing why they were allowed to land afterhours.

Sheikh Hamad, 63, is considered to possess been for years in poor health. Under his 18-year rule, he transformed Qatar into an Arab powerbroker that can sponsor the 2022 World Cup and that’s home to satellite news broadcaster Al Jazeera from a backwater.

Qatar, a small, peninsular country rich in oil and natural gas is, now ruled by Sheikh Hamad’s son, Sheikh Tamim.