A sword is hanging on my head, says Salman Khan on cases...

A sword is hanging on my head, says Salman Khan on cases against him


Incidents from past, still haunts Salman Khan. Despite all the recognition Khan got, despite achieving a really eminent position in the film industry, despite the enormous fan following and despite the inaugural of “Being human”, the impending verdict of his court cases always remains at the rear of his head.

In an interview, he said “What will happen to the verdicts. If you add five it comes to 10-15 years. That is a massive stress on my parents head,my head! This is an enormous one. It is not in magistrate court, it’s in high court.

He is at present experiencing trial of the case. The men who were sleeping on pavement in suburban Bandra on September 28, 2002, killing one and injuring four others were run over by his white Toyota land cruiser.

In the newest arguments in the case, Khan’s attorney said there is no evidence to prove that the departure of the sufferer in the 2002 hit-and-run case resulted from the accident. Khan’s lawyer said there’s a possibility that the guy died due to a car while it had been lifted with a crane which fell on the casualty.

Khan also said “After doing all this you need to do humor, do ‘Bigg Boss’ but at exactly the same time a sword is hanging on your head, you see parents reacting, and what they are going through,”

In accordance with khan his work and his position cannot provide station to escape to him. He said “The beauty of my job is no matter how much ever good you do, people are insensitive. People say he has a case on him but he is loving. All these exact things are entirely against me. All my good work is totally against me when it involves people in charge of signing the verdict,” he said.

Talking about prayers and good wishes of his supporters, he said “We will start to see the prayers, wishes.

It’s for people who believe in prayers. Yes I do believe in prayers. A lot of people do consider and there are others who do not believe it. And people who have powers don’t believe,”

Two more cases are also pending against his fans in Jodhpur. One is under arms act for poaching blackbucks and another beneath the wildlife protection act.