Adele’s ‘Hello’ Hit A New Digital Sales Record

Adele’s ‘Hello’ Hit A New Digital Sales Record


Adele also roundly beat Canadian adolescent heartthrob Justin Bieber, whose latest single “Sorry” sold 276,800 downloads in its debut week, taking second place, according to data released by Nielsen Music on Monday for the past week.

“Hello” was the initial single from Adele’s coming new record “25”, to be released this month, and follows a four-year break from music after her “21” album won six Grammy awards and sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.

“Hello” was streamed 47.5 million times globally on Spotify, making it the most-streamed song over a week in the online streaming platform’s history.

The music video also broke records at entertainment platform, giving more than 27 million views in the very first 24 hours after its release last week.

Nielsen Music said the previous best-selling digital song in one week was American rapper Flo Rida’s “Right Round” in 2009, which sold 636,000 downloads.

On the Billboard 200 album chart, Australian pop punk group 5 Seconds of Summer grabbed the No.1 spot selling 192,000 units of their new release “Sounds Great Feels Good.”

That pushed country singer Carrie Underwood into second place along with her new album “Storyteller” with some 177,000 units sold. Blake Shelton, country music star and a judge on TV show “The Voice,” saw his greatest hits collection “Reloaded; 20 #1 Hits” advent in 5th place.

Units are tallied by the Billboard 200 chart from record sales, tune sales (10 songs equal one album) and flowing activity (1,500 streams equal one album).