ADVANTAGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA! Blood donors queue at Thai hospital after injured...

ADVANTAGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA! Blood donors queue at Thai hospital after injured British backpacker’s story goes viral


The 21-year old suffered a brain haemorrhage and broke her pelvis. She suffered from anaemia after operation at Rajavej Chiang Mai Hospital and had been in urgent need of uncommon “A Negative” (A-) or “O Negative” (O-) sort blood. With supplies of both blood types apparently in short supply, the family and friends of Ms Hill started a campaign to appeal for travellers and expatriates to assist.

Both kinds of blood are comparatively uncommon.

The effort was a success, with strangers queuing up in the Maharaja Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital to give blood on Monday morning, reported the Manchester Evening News.

Sean Thornton and British couple Linda Thornton Kirkpatrick, who were on vacation in Thailand, told the newspaper they’d arrived in Chiang Mai on Sunday night.

They were “inspired” by Ms Hill’s narrative and took a tuk tuk to the hospital the following morning.

Facebook user Darren Burns, who promised to be the companion of Ms Hill, posted a note thanking donors on the social networking platform.

“Luce’s is still in intensive care but has received the pressing blood transfusion she wanted,” he wrote.

In accordance with the BBC, Ms Hill’s friend and traveling partner Lauren Hall on travel website TripAdvisor posted the first plea for help.