Airport expansion activists block off a tunnel leading to terminals

Airport expansion activists block off a tunnel leading to terminals


Five individuals are detained after anti-airport growth activists blockaded a tunnel.

The demonstration, held on the day Parliament is due to debate with airport growth in britain, has made terminals 1,2 and 3. with long tailbacks

Effort group Plane Stupid, which will be fighting with proposals to get a brand new third runway at Heathrow, claimed liability.

“If air travel increase is not reduced, by 2037 air travel alone could emit all of the carbon it is safe for the UK to emit.

“The government must select: construct new runways or stop climate chaos: it is that easy.”

“There’s already airport ability for families taking their annual vacation. New runways just help the 15 per cent of flyers who take 70 per cent of our flights.

“These are affluent regular leisure flyers. The best predictors of frequent flyer status really are a household income over GBP115,000 and possessing a second home abroad, but it is the weakest people who suffer most from climate change.”

The long-awaited final report of the Airports Commission, that may present the findings of an inquest into Heathrow growth, is expected to be debated in the House of Commons from 9.30am.

They believe they have to. Individuals believe they don’t have any alternative.

— Boris Johnson: A third runway at Heathrow would have been an enormous error

“In 2010 the High Court ruled third runway strategies ‘untenable in law and common sense’ because they violated the Climate Change Act.

“Now Cameron might simply assemble it anyhow. We’ve tried every other alternative. We’ve been compelled to not be obedient only to be heard. To save our houses as well as our planet.”

“Policemen are coping with a demonstration close to the inbound tunnel of Heathrow airport.
Five arrests are made.”