Aray Wah! Salman Khan is Showing Interest in “Indian Wedding Books” LOL

Aray Wah! Salman Khan is Showing Interest in “Indian Wedding Books” LOL


If there is one question Salman Khan gets irked with, it is “When are you getting married?” The performer is the most eligible bachelor in India as well as the country is obviously keen to be aware of the solution to this oh so well-known question. Salman just dismisses it or comes up using a hilarious come back to the question. But his latest tweet gives the hint to us which he is preparing for this and really might be taking the idea of marriage. Is he? Well no! Salman set forth another one where he commended a novel by writer Sakshi Salve and is famous for his unpredictable tweet.


The name of the novel is, ‘The Large Indian Wedding- The Ultimate Guide for Dummies.’ Since Salman is clearly not experienced using the entire wedding, this novel being in Salman’s ledge, marriage deal, makes perfect sense, eh? Salman is way more interesting than another wedding and has himself asserted this novel is a hoot. We wonder if it helped the Sultan performer after all with any wedding tricks!

Salman and many pretty girls before have dated but this hunk was never rung for by the wedding bells. Though Salman is living his life and is joyful being straightforward, there are lots of devotees wishing to the performer settling down.

Well, imagine we’ll need to wait and observe!