AWFUL! Authorities recover bodies of at least 36 migrants who drowned off...

AWFUL! Authorities recover bodies of at least 36 migrants who drowned off Turkey


Nine bodies, including those of kids, washed up on a beach in the resort town of Ayvalik morning, prompting authorities to dispatch gendarmerie officials and coast guard boats to hunt the place by sea and by land for potential survivors. Twelve others were saved.

The dead included women and kids, the bureau said.

Approximately 850,000 migrants and refugees crossed into Greece last year gangs to ferry them around Turkey from in weak boats that were.

Undeterred by the harsh winter seas as well as the bitter cold, migrants are continuing to risk the journey in the expectation of an improved future in Europe to Greece. A lot are Syrian refugees.

The International Organisation for Migration estimates that overall perished migrants 3,771 while attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe last year

2,892 was said by the IOM, , of 77% or the deaths last year were on the central Mediterranean course, mostly affecting individuals crossing from That’s 1% more in relation to the prior year, representing the increasing popularity of the course.

Top officials from Germany, Sweden and Denmark were scheduled to hold discussions in Brussels amid concern on Wednesday about new border control measures directed at preventing migrants entering northern Europe, EU officials said on Tuesday.

Sweden introduced ID checks on all individuals and border controls tightened on its border with Germany citing worries about edge measures and public security due to migrant moves.

Danish officials said 18 people without proper ID were denied entrance from Germany of the increased border crossing tests in the first 12 hours. Three individuals were also detained, suspected of human smuggling.

In Turkey, the neighborhood administrator for Ayvalik, Namik Kemal Nazli, told the state-run Anadolu Agency the casualties of the initial episode are thought to be from Algeria, Iraq and Syria. There is no informative data on the nationalities of the drowned in the 2nd episode.

A fisherman pulled in the ocean to the shore at Ayvalik a body having a lifejacket as well as a military police official, Dogan news agency video footage revealed. Other bodies, additionally in lifejackets, were seen lying nearby.