Awful, Powerful Ecuador quake kills at least 235

Awful, Powerful Ecuador quake kills at least 235


Traumatized Ecuadoreans slept amid rubble while rescuers dug for survivors on Monday after an earthquake smashed the Andean nation’s coastal region, killing at least 272 people and flattening resort towns.

Saturday’s 7.8 magnitude quake rocks buildings and roads, shower out the power, and injured at least 2,068 people in the largely poor Andean country.

After the distraction survivors curled up for the night on mattresses or plastic chairs next to the rubble of their homes. Soldiers and police cooled down the hot, dark streets while pockets of rescue workers plowed on.

Late on Sunday, firefighters goes through a partially destroyed house to search for three children and a man apparently trapped inside, as a crowd of 40 gathered in the darkness to watch.

“My little cousins are inside, before there were noises, screams. We must find them,” pleaded Isaac, 18, as the firemen combed the debris.