Biggest YouTube debut of year is Adele’s “Hello”

Biggest YouTube debut of year is Adele’s “Hello”


The long-awaited new song by British pop star Adele has experienced a fantastic start, indicating the biggest advent of any video in 2013 on YouTube.

The ballad Hello averaged one million views per hour after its launch on Friday in the initial two days , with more than 92 million views as of Tuesday afternoon US time.

The video website, in a blog post on Tuesday, said the advent was the largest for any video in 2015, surpassing the release of the trailer for Star Wars: Episode XII – The Force Awakens, the latest in the blockbuster science-fiction saga.

Vevo, the video-hosting platform backed by major music labels and YouTube owner Google, stated that its own record broke in its first 24 hours with more than 27 million views.

Music business journal Billboard stated that Hello was on track to win against on the record for first-week digital sales in America.

Hello is the initial single Adele’s first record in four years.

Adele’s last album 21 was the top-seller in the USA for a couple of years in a row as well as the largest record by far in Britain.

Adele has a thing to do to break the all-time YouTube record, nonetheless.

South Korean star Psy’s Gangnam Style, accompanied by an equestrian-like dancing that went viral around the globe, holds the record at more than 2.4 billion views.