BREAKING! Al-Jazeera will shut down its network in the US

BREAKING! Al-Jazeera will shut down its network in the US


The cable news channel Al-Jazeera America, which debuted to great fanfare in 2013 when it guaranteed to cover US news seriously and soberly, will be shutting down from the end of April. The move was announced in a companywide meeting yesterday (Jan 13).

“The choice that is made is in no way because AJAM has done anything but a fantastic occupation. A few of the leaders of the station claimed the network continued to win awards because of its coverage and provided a vital service.

However ultimately, the choice was an economical one. The station, it had been felt, had fallen victim to the dearth of a business model beyond constant support from Qatar, the energy-rich nation that possesses Aljazeera.Some staff members viewed that as a tacit admission that dropping petroleum prices were behind the close, although a spokeswoman for the firm denied that yesterday.

Beyond its petroleum riches, Qatar is among the world’s top exporters of liquefied natural gas, whose cost has additionally tumbled.Mr Anstey said that after the cable news network shuts down by April 30, Al Jazeera would enlarge its digital presence in America.

It guaranteed to be bright and sensible, free of the cheering arguments which have identified cable news in America in the last decade. But viewership that was significant never arrived, with primetime evaluations occasionally fighting to surpass 30,000 audience.

To make things worse, the newsroom was strike by chaos a year ago when staff members complained of a culture of fear. There was an exodus of top executives, as well as a couple of lawsuits from former workers that contained criticisms about sexism and anti Semitism in the news channel. Evaluations stayed low, although morale improved.