BREAKING NEWS! North Korea claims hydrogen bomb test

BREAKING NEWS! North Korea claims hydrogen bomb test


The statement on North Korean state television followed the detection of a 5.1 magnitude quake at the Punggye-ri site in the north of the isolated nation. It is where nuclear tests have been conducted by Pyongyang previously. Several international monitoring agencies recorded seismic action in the region such as the United States Geological Survey.

Sanctions because of its nuclear and missile programmes has so far conducted three tests. The last was in 2013 raising concerns that the greatest aim will be to create a device small enough to fit on a long range missile.

In response to the suspected nuclear activity that is latest while Japan says it WOn’t take North Korea’s nuclear testing South Korean ministers are to hold an emergency meeting. The UN Security Council is anticipated to meet to discuss North Korea’s test after today ( Wednesday Jan 6).

North Korea nuclear tests

  • 2006 First test based on plutonium.
  • 2009 Second test said to have been more powerful than the first. Also carried out underground although no details of location.
  • 2013 Third underground test – seismic activity detected near Punggze-ri test site.